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What We Will cover!

Firstly again this is just our advice for the long term of getting started with online marketing.

While there are many forms of marketing, we are going to cover specifically affiliate marketing as I feel this is the easiest, as well as the less stressful of the lot. However the principles or processes are more or less similar once you can set it up and then spread your wings out into other forms of marketing such as E-Commerce.  For those who are not aware of what affiliate marketing is.  It is basically a JV (joint venture) between you and a company that wants to sell a product.  They give you an opportunity to go into a joint venture with them and give you a percentage of the sale or sales, this is usually about 50 to 75% of the product price depending on what product it is.  You can sell a one off product such as digital (software) which is probably the best niche and earn this commission, or the best way is for the long term which are membership products.  Why are membership products better?  Because it pays you a monthly recurring fee.  Simply if a product is $100 a month and they offer 40% commission, You sign 10 people up for that product, you will earn $400 per month for the lifetime of that contract.  So if all those 10 people stay with the product for 2 years, you will receive that commission for two years, which obviously you want to keep promoting that product to get as many people as possible, for example 5 one month 10 the next 15 the next etc. That gives you 30 people already so by month 3 you are earning $1200 a month for your sign-ups.  This is what excites people as it sounds simple, which it sort of is if you do it correctly and have the basic skill set, which I believe everyone does.  You also get what we call a high ticket product.  These products range from $200 up and more.  Again these are also great products to sell as obviously you sell one product and can earn sometimes up to $15 000 so I have heard, it is not impossible as we go through the list you will start to discover why.  Again from the home page a lot of people fail at this because they get what we call shiny object syndrome and do not go through the long haul procedures that really help.  As Gary Vaynerchuk says “be in it for the process not the money” which stands true because believe me you will probably make a few mistakes and have to start again, but that is part of winning, because you learn as you go, so don’t let things fool you.  I personally have started again about 7 times and am nowhere close to where I want to be, but I just love the process, it however is a hell of a lot of work.  Stick with it and you will succeed.  Success is not a skill it is an attitude.

We are not saying you will earn this, this is typical and depends on what effort you put in, however the commission structures are usually based this way and are not impossible to achieve. This is a business so like any business start small, get the hang of it, then scale.

We will start the list in order for what you need to begin, to the last we believe you will need.


Products & Niche

We would suggest starting here.

There are various reasons for starting at finding products.  This is to get a feel for what you would like to promote, in other words what niche.  For those who do not know what a niche is… This is basically a product, service or interest that appeal to certain people, in other words if you worked in a dentists office before, you would go into the health niche and then break it down into the dentistry niche if this makes sense.  I would suggest always start promoting something you are familiar with, it makes the process easier as well as creating the content around that.  So you would then go and find a product using google, best dentistry affiliate programs.  Lets say for example False teeth or dentures come up, you would apply for that program and promote dentures.  Usually there are a lot more than one product and I would suggest find 5 products to start with, this so you can figure out what’s working.  Usually you will be left with two winners. So if it were me promoting dentistry, I would probably do dentures, the glue that binds them, the cushions for the gums, glue in case they crack and so on.  always try be useful and create a need or solve a problem.  In a nutshell why they need this product and what it would do to benefit them.  You can then with these five products promote separately or if you have a clientele already email them or better yet create a sales funnel.  We will cross funnels in the next step.  If you do not want to chose out of what you are familiar with that’s fine, just do research, watch youtube videos or google the product to get a general idea.  Why we say products is because while most companies allow you to sign up free some require you to have a website. We will chat about this in the next section.  Personally I like the internet marketing niche but do not limit myself to it.  Why I like it is because of the demand for software as well as the ease of sale meaning it solves a problem and most people need these items.  However the niche is very competitive which is sometimes good but can also make it a little more difficult to sell.  Try focus on a niche that it less competitive as it is easier to rank on google for.  Below are some companies you can easily sign up for as an affiliate and are mostly worldwide, I suggest however do not focus on just these, always strive to try be different, I have deleted my youtube channel 3 times already and might do so again, until I get it right, however I am starting to change it up a bit from the common products everyone promotes.  As discussed there are two basic types of programs… Monthly or membership products, these are services that you need in order to create a passive income.  As discussed on the Home page a client signs up for these and pays monthly and so do you for the duration of there contract.  In this category focus on things people need for example web hosting and you are guaranteed a long lasting payment, these programs do however offer you a one time payment too which is great because it is usually 200 to 500% but does not last.  Suggestion is sign up for a few of these and once you have lets say 200 people then switch to the one time payment, in other words set a goal lets say $5000 a month and once you are making that off one program switch to the one time payment option if you wish, remember this is for the long term.  OTO which is a one time offer, these are products created with a one time payment structure and usually counter act other programs or products that are available.  For example Shopify which you can also promote by the way.  Shopify is a membership program known in E-commerce, however there is a product called Marketpresso, where you create your own market place for a onetime fee.  You can promote both and give your clients the option obviously in a tactful way.  Selling products or anything in that matter has a certain psychology behind it, so ok you don’t want that so how about this, and why. Discover this and why, or new product reveals … and so on. 

Here are some programs you can sign up for free depending on your country, these are the easiest and mostly anyone anywhere can sign up with no website needed.  You can click on the names to gain access.

JVZOO – This is a great platform for mostly software products.

Warriorplus – Another platform for great products also mostly in the software category.

Digistore24 – Easy sign up different from other programs, similar to clickbank.

CJ Affiliate – Have an array of products crossing many niches, best to have an established website with traffic before signing up, although not 100% necessary.

Clickbank – One of the biggest platforms crossing many niches, most use clickbank.

Be comfortable at the niche and product you chose and play the long game, be patient and consistent and things will happen, but not without the next steps…Start Thinking of your domain name and we go to the next step.


Domain & web hosting

We suggest this secondly.

There has been much debate over whether you need a website or not.  We suggest doing this for various reasons.  One there is a place to build clientele, two a website is there forever and usually picks up traction provided it is paid, three having a website can generate other sources of income.  We will cross this shortly.  So once you have thought of your niche and have products, we suggest building out your site.  There are many tutorials available on youtube on how to do this.  Your website then can generate basically 3 or more levels of income we are going to talk about the main 3.  This is where most start getting lost.  You need to understand that the puzzle comes together here for various reasons.  Not only for joining affiliate programs but your weblink can be posted on social media without the fear of getting banned.  For example I am selling training through clickbank.  Clickbank give me an affiliate link, due to the harsh laws around spam on social media as well as email if you post that link just like that you gain no trust no.1 as well as you will get banned.  These play a vital role in marketing as you need email and social media specially if you are starting out and have a limited budget.  So you can put the content on your website or blog and share your websites link, boom your safe.  Well not 100% but website links are generally safe, we will go more into depth in the next category but you get the drift.  Google adsense is one of the ways you make income, once you reach a certain amount of visitors, adsense if you are signed up ( very easy and free just need a gmail account) then puts ads on your website and you get paid a fee usually per 1000 clicks and the rate of your content.  So lets say you get $3 per 1000 clicks and you have 30 000 visitors a month, that will generate $90 dollars a month, it does not sound like much but it adds up.  The next way is you can make money from your site is other advertising agencies as well as banner ads.  Banner ads can be in whatever niche you can add them manually and add your affiliate link behind them.  Lets say amazon for instance you can either make a banner ad using bannersnack or you can get the html code and paste that into the html box on your site, every time someone clicks that link it will redirect them via your link to amazon website.  This is awesome because it then tracks the client and whatever they buy whether in your niche or not you get a percentage of the full sale.  Last but not least, all your content you create you can redirect via a link, this is where you start making real money if you market correctly.  Every piece of content you can create can lead to sales, you will see examples on the blog page.  So I would say building a website out is a must, it just makes you more versatile as well as having a home base from where to send traffic to.  It also helps with syndication.  Syndication we will cover in the social media section.  So under this we will have some places you can purchase domain names as well as hosting.  I am not going to explain what web builder you should use, we suggest wordpress, it is just easy and dependable, we are however going to cross full on web builders in the next section.  Right you can get your domain name from (once you have come up with one and if it is available, so best think of 3 or 4.) any web hosting company upon signing up for hosting we however feel these are the best and cheapest options. Again click on the names and it will take you there.

Namecheap – I find namecheap one of the cheapest to buy your yearly .com or .net whichever you choose.  They also offer hosting.

Bluehost – Bluehost is one of the best and cheapest for hosting, they are also a wordpress preferred client.

There are various other hosting platforms such as Siteground, Hostgator and more but from experience either Siteground or Bluehost.  Why because you want fast and reliable hosting.

Anyway on to the next section, I hope we covered everything.  See clickable pictures below.


Sales funnels, web builders, landing pages & autoresponders

We suggest this step as third.

Next after you have set up your page and happy with your chosen products, is to automate your sales process.  This in my opinion is where a lot of people start getting lost including myself when I started.  Basically automation is when someone clicks on your link or product lets say, you want to send them somewhere.  You can send them obviously straight to the products capture page if you like which most vendors have set up already, but you then lose a client.  Whereas you could rather design your own funnels or capture pages with that same product or products and send them through a series of products on autopilot.  This method sends them to an optin page first then they receive email based messages from you with offers when you like and better yet you have there email.  Having an email list is golden it is a potential client for life.  We will get into that in the next section.  Honestly you could skip getting a website as most autoresponders and web builders offer landing pages, domains or the complete package, website domain and autoresponder, however that lacks the benefits of earning an extra couple of bucks that you would get from your website, also keep in mind you your website will get traffic eventually and in my opinion you need a home base, we also playing for the long term here.  We recommend using both, have a website which is your main page and integrate all your builders etc through there.  For instance you can have a free course or whatever advertised on your website but you do not have to go through the mission of setting up the download on your page, you can build a landing page in your chosen autoresponder or all in one builder with a set of email sequences.  So you send them to your website or they visit your website, they see your course decide it’s for them.  Once they click the button they get directed to your landing page which requires their email, after they enter their email it then sends them an email automatically saying thank you and their download can be downloaded from there.  You could go further and set up a series or sequence for that particular course because now you know what their interest is and send them emails on autopilot for the  whole month every second day. So you now have their email as well as set off your email responder to send them  products you feel suit the category.  Obviously if you are giving away a golf eBook that they sign up for, Do not send them Dental products, first get to know what they are into so send a couple of other freebies once in a while in different niches to see if there is interest, you can do this simply by doing the same process.  “Hey how you we have another eBook giveaway you might be interested in,” send them to your website and if they send up under that list they go through that process, this is obviously used with your existing list.  I cannot stress enough the importance of automating the sales process, this is why when the pandemic hit a lot of big companies went bang, yes they were online but their sales process was not automated and that’s how Amazon grew by over 65 Billion dollars just in that short period then when everybody woke up it was to late.  You will also hear these words a lot in the industry, “the money is in the list”, some will disagree and try sway you off, but I can tell you it works.  Right the dreaded but brilliant sales funnel.  This is basically a similar process as email marketing, not in email form, yes they optin, but once in  the funnel it sends them through a series of upsells and downsells.  So you take your capture page, for example it says get your free eBook here, they grab the opportunity however they do not get the eBook as yet.  Lets say the eBook is on youtube growth for argument sake.  They optin, this then tries to convince them of an upsell product along with the eBook, they say no it will then send to a different downsell lets say, all the while keeping them engaged, get your eBook on the next page, if its making sense. all along in this funnel you are mostly well I do this, trying to get them to a membership or training upsell. They all funnel through and ten to one you will have a few sales on your various items in that funnel and you gain emails for re-targeting.  Always try push on a membership product (it pays) and always give them what they originally signed up for the eBook, why because you have their email you can re-target them, try not be annoying, I have been caught in some ridiculous never ending funnels that go on forever, then after I say forget the book I get knocked with 5 emails straight after.  Try not do this it is borderline spamming, can get you blacklisted or worse loss of a client.  I hope this has made sense, again we are not going to show you how to build these out, this is just the process of the puzzle. The laws around email marketing are strict nowadays it however does not mean it does not work.  Those people out there saying it’s dead have been doing it wrong, that is why they say this.  Right lets talk briefly about web builders.  These are basically services that offer you a complete package.  You get websites, can build funnels, landing pages and have there own autoresponders you can use or integrate your own autoresponder or domain name with them.  Like discussed earlier these are helpful but personally I would still have a website and use these as well.  You can get free and paid versions of these, again we are going to put a course together that will be a slide show basically showing you step by step where to go and what to do, we will not build these for you though.  If you are really interested in marketing I feel it’s better done by you so you understand the process, that way you wont be easily fooled by some of the unethical practices that take place.  Below we have put together a list of web builders and autoresponders we feel are the best, specially starting out.  Again we are an affiliate of some but not all.

Builderall – One of the best all in one builders, Build your site, landing pages, funnels and also has an autoresponder.  Start your 14 day free trial!  One of the cheaper if not the cheapest of the builders. (Has A free Version too, but limited)

Clickfunnels – Close to one of the best builders out there, A little more pricey but worth the money, some of the best funnels come out of here, also a all in one builder.

Groovepages – All in one builder, they are offering a free package for now where you can build 3 free sites with hosting.

Aweber– Great autoresponder, one of the oldest autoresponders around but changing all the time, best of all they have a free version to help you on your way.

Getresponse – Another super cool autresponder, come with a great app as well so you can create a campaign or check a campaign on the go.  Start a 30 day free trial.

ConvertKit – Awesome to get started as well, offer a limited free version as well really easy to use build your list.

These all have landing pages and you can get started with whichever suits you best. So we have covered the importance of automating your sales process, how beneficial a website is and how you need to integrate your landing pages and everything else into one another.  Of course you can build as many websites as you want in as many different niches you want which there are thousands of.  If you only want one then that’s ok but the process is not done yet, in the next and last section we are going to talk about…


Social media, content,seo

This might be last but should be what you breath in the game of online marketing.

This is last but should be the first on your mind always especially once your website is set up.  So you have now got your website set up you have products but what do you do with it.  Firstly there are hundreds of different ways to do this I am only going to cross the very basics so don’t shoot me.

Lets also say I am not the best content creator out there and I use a robotic voice and a video builder to share content.  Is this wrong, some agree some disagree.  I tend to sometimes feel it matters but ultimately from testing it doesn’t really matter.  If you are factual about a product and give enough information, I feel people do not really care,  however I will eventually start showing my face.  If you know sort of how Seo works to rank your site and your videos it does not really matter the audience is there searching, they will stumble onto you.  Seo is no game I tell you, and by my videos in the blog you will see I still suck at it, however once you start understanding it and getting the hang of it i am sure it gets better.  Personally its a dreaded thing because you can put literally hours into videos or content and rank nowhere and very few see it.  So we have basically 8 giant social media platforms, I am not going to mention them, you should know them.  But how do we promote.  Lets start with what I think is the best way.  VIDEO.  I feel Youtube is the best way to market and here’s why.  People are fixated on video.  When someone wants to know something or find out about a product etc, they go to google, Google is huge and your friend.  Now they can spend an hour reading through a website which some people prefer reading don,t get me wrong, but what if your video ranks with google in that search term.  Yes they have a video to show them or explain to them there mishap or product they want to know about.  Youtube and Google are the same company and google loves content.  There are even ways to make your video a live event which ranks even better. We spoke earlier about syndication.  What is syndication.  Syndication is basically taking your content whether a post, blog or video etc and sharing it on as many different platforms.  In theory you might not rank on Youtube lets say, but you could rank high on Bobs website.  Yes it is not as simple as that but you get what I am saying.  The more eyeballs the more prospects.  Youtube, once you have made the content, allows you to leave your product link or links in the description.  Yes you can put as many links as the description will hold.  Other platforms like Facebook hate links it is spammy for lack of a better word.  Youtube also has syndication after you have finished you can share to facebook, Twitter, blogger, VK, Reddit, etc.  So now tell me what is better than video.  Now once you have shared, your video is live.  So imagine you have a product, you make a video, you have shared it off the 2nd largest social media platform in the world, to the first social platform in the world an others, but then you manage to rank it on the biggest search platform in the world, google.  How powerful is that.  Then not only do you get paid on your website from google once you reach Youtubes criteria, you start getting paid there for ads.  So you get paid on two platforms for making content you love, imagine you get 30 000 views and one percent of that buy from your links, that’s 300 sales plus ad revenue.  So focus on this, get those views on Youtube and send those 300 people that click your link to your site and start growing both platforms simultaneously.  Be no means am I saying ignore Facebook or any of the other free platforms, make content all over the show as do I, you need to post every single day at least 2 posts I would say to each site, just do not spam, I have been shut down by Facebook and linkedin for silly mistakes I made in the beginning and it’s f-up lol.  learn how to use the platforms properly and create content, content, content.  Try stay current and ahead of the pack either or if you post everyday you will eventually succeed.  Some say SEO does not matter, I disagree, why?  Well I use a video ranking tool and I can see the difference from when I do not use it compared to when I do.  Example for one video I ranked on googles first page, I have not used it for my last 5 videos or more, I have ranked nowhere nada, not even featured as a video in that category on google, yes I will change it but you have to test.  SEO from Youtube to google is crucial you need it, it can even help you with your CPC (cost per click), if you have a low ranking keyword with a high CPC and add those to your tags, and your video ranks, its decent.  Remember high ranking keywords are competitive, the chances on ranking with those keywords are close to none.  So you need to do keyword research and use many keyword tools or other tools to rank that you can.  Share your website on bing, most people forget. Share Share Share.  You can post your weblink (URL) on most platforms, try be creative, watch some of the tops guys on there wording and for the most do not over complicate.  Capture pages even ads, most of the high converting ones are so simple usually just a one liner, why cos people generally want to know the point that’s it. And once you have traction move to ads if you like Facebook ads work, generally you would not need to do that, you can create an audience free, it just takes a bit of time.  Learn how to use Pinterest correctly you can make simple pins and drive them to your site or video content.  Linkedin has a great site called slideshare utilize it. Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit plus plus plus all there free for you to use.  Quora is huge, answer questions send them to your weblink or utilize sniply.  These are all free just get to know how to use them.  Share your content even your web content on blogger and google sites, free and you are syndicating, you will get picked up by google and start ranking, google eats content.  Lastly try learn as much as you can about SEO, if you can rank your videos on google it will help you more than you think. Watch as much videos as you can on how to do these simple things and you win and it’s all there free.  Yes it’s hard work, but nothing is for free, this method of making money is close to free but comes with very high reward.  Below Is a list of some tools I feel you need. Click on the pictures below if you want to go visit the official sites.

Google trends – Use this to see what is trending.

Google adwords – They have a free keyword tool.

Ubersuggest – Free keyword tool.

H-supertools – This guy is brilliant, he will show you how to build your own smtp or web hosting, he has keyword tools free on his site, even a free email validator and more I will leave a video of his at the bottom, his keyword tools focus on Youtube and Google Ranking.

Video Marketing Blaster – The tool I use to rank videos.

Canva – free thumbnail maker, logo maker, pinterest pins xyz.

Bannersnack – Make free banners, logos, facebook cover etc.

Keyword Tool Dominator – Chrome extension, find the best keywords on 8 or 9 platforms, amazon, google, Youtube etc.

Semrush – This will manage your SEO, brilliant tool.

Lingo Blaster – Also helps for ranking, a lot of people focus on making their content in English, where you can rank higher if you convert your videos to other languages, you also reach a wider audience, you can obviously go to google trends, type your keyword and see which countries your keyword is ranking and convert your videos to those languages.

Similarweb – Use this, you can take a website URL or a product website URL and see how it ranks, where it ranks, and where most of its traffic comes from, very useful.  So if most of the traffic comes from for instance, you can make contact with that website and through a banner-ad for example, this method is cheaper than ads.

Adclerks – Great site, also cheap to advertise, some get 750k visitors a month and you can advertise on their sometimes for as little 15 dollars per 1000 clicks, they even tell you what works, so if it’s BIZOP which are usually high ticket offers and you pay even 40 dollars per 1000 clicks, and just 1 person opts in, you can potentially make $500 plus.

Tubebuddy – Use this with your youtube, good for analytics, Keywords etc, free limited version, paid version not to bad. You can also use Vidiq, free and paid version, I use both.

Vidnami – Make eye-catching videos without showing your face.

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