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Is Affiliate Marketing Beginner Friendly?

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I would say yes.  You do have to have a basic knowledge of a few things though.  But basically, if you are on the internet a lot and know your way around a PC, you should be fine.  There are a lot of pieces that need to fit together though, and this is where people tend to give up.  That's why it is best to learn from someone who has already done it.  That being said there generally is no right or wrong in marketing, unless you are deliberately spamming or bombing social media in the wrong way, that is the biggest no-no.  It takes a lot of work, strategy, and most importantly consistency.  If you keep focused you will win, and things become easier and easier.  Yes, you do require certain tools to help you out, but you can begin with nothing, there are free methods that work, but eventually, you will have to put some money in.  Personally, I pay for hosting and a few other tools, however, I rely completely on free advertising.  You have most of the free tools at your disposal, it is just how you use them, or where to get them.  That is where I want to help, fitting the puzzle together and then watching you grow.