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15 Blogging Tips to help you - My Life Experience (Must Read Article For Bloggers)

I’ve been doing research into blogging for a few months in the quest of finding out why people do it and how to be successful at it. Customers always prefer personalized attention.  Here is what I compiled as a few blogging tips.

Fluff writers are writers that either don’t know what they are writing about or they are long winded writers that have no clue about writing whatsoever and don’t know how to express themselves. But people don’t really care what interests YOU, they care about what you can teach THEM. 

There are literally thousands of blogs on the World Wide Web.

You want to always be sure to keep your blog information current and up to date. This is one of the more vital blogging tips as most people want to make some money while doing what they love. For anybody looking to establish their site as a popular blog within their niche attention must be paid to ‘gathering’ the necessary traffic. 

Almost three years ago – We used to keep in-touch with your customers using phone calls, email messages and face to face meetings.

Brand owners may even ask owner of a popular blog for recommendation of their products. They may even present free services like passes for fashion shows and other stuff along with their fees. Always, a professional header is very appealing for visitors and thus they will be more likely to listen what you have to say. 

In order to do this you need to post your content on your blog and then syndicate it through different social networks available on the web. If you still find any thing missing then read following explanation of all points I hope all your questions will be covered.

Companies will need proof that you are generating traffic or visitors to your site before they can advertise. There are many people who are like having an autoblog that automatically updates with content from many different sources. But people don’t really care what interests YOU, they care about what you can teach THEM. 

The catch here is that you should be sure that your blog site is in the same niche as the affiliate program you enroll in is. Hosting is an issue when you are dealing with WordPress autoblogs as they take up a lot of resources.

Even if you know everything about everything, including rocket science, pick one topic about which you can write most interestingly and informatively as the topic for your first blog. If you have many topics on one blog try to regroup and relabel. 

You set up a blog about a topic in which you are interested and which you can make interesting for your readers; they read it; and you sell advertising based on the fact that you have an audience.

Please see our top 10 niche ideas you can blog about;

1. Archery Site.

2. Boat Buyer’s Guide.

3. Lens Finder.
4. Video Editing Hardware.

5. Tiny Homes (Or backyard offices).

6. Dog Sports Gear.

7. Pottery.

8. Wall Decorating.

9. Home Automation.

10. Helping Families Divorce Without Hurting the Kids.

Of course there are many other factors to take into consideration. But once you have your niche idea sorted you can move to the next step.  Many people stop themselves as they lack funds to begin, well you can do this for free if you have the know how and build from there.

 More Blogging tips to get started!

It is advisable to have at least a minimum start up for your domain name, the cheapest we could find was from namecheap.  This costs about $10 a year for a .com address.  If you like you can get a free .tk domain from freenom.
Hosting is next.  You can also connect hosting with namecheap.  Shared hosting is affordable and will be enough to carry you, then just create subdomains if you need to start another venture.  We have TEAMED up with a great service provider that is offering free website and hosting called Groovepages, click below to get access.  They will give you 3 free sites, hosting with there own domain name free forever.  You can also use Google websites and Blogger for free.
Next you will have to be diligent and do your keyword research in order to rank your pages.  There are free keyword tools such as keyword tool dominator but are very limited as to what they offer.  We have a list below of the best tools that you could currently get at a fraction of the cost.
Here’s to your success and we hope this was helpful, should you require further information feel free to drop us an email we will gladly help you were we can.

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