My Journey

Welcome to Motivation Marketer about us page, your number one source for helpful Product reviews, as well as learning how to better your entrepreneurial life. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best product reviews, with a focus on products or services that are already Industry Leaders, are Cost Efficient, and can Benefit you in your day to day life, be it personal or entrepreneurial.

Founded in 2020 by Clinton Olivier, Motivation Marketer has come a long way from its beginnings in the sales space. When I first started out in online marketing I knew the basics, by basics I mean not much really lol. Obviously coming from a sales background I knew what online marketing was. In 2020 I was retrenched due to the pandemic taking control, so I went on a search to make an extra income. I watched hours and hours of Youtube videos and discovered affiliate marketing. To be fair most of the stuff I watched was all hyped up junk and honestly learnt alot of nonsense or should I say how not to do things.

With money on my mind and I encourage you not to do this, if you are interested in the online space. I started my first website. Not knowing where or how to begin I just went for it, how I thought it should be. All my sites are focusing on the American market, which to be honest is very tough and super competetive. I am however grateful I started there as I have learnt a ton and still learning. I have now overcome that fear and really want to show people that there are a world of products out there, that can help you earn an extra income online, and for those that are not interested, well then to showcase a world of products.

I have not only learnt about business growth and automation, but that there is always a way out of a dark situation. I have lost most of everything due to the pandemic, both personally and emotionally, however I am not willing to give up and I feel that has been key to my growth. Never give up, Never be afraid to try something new and try stay consistent. With that being said Please bare with me as I keep going to try give you the best reviews, freebies and tools both free and paid. If I can help anyone of you interested in the online space, please contact me, lets collaberate.

I am happy to try do my best to bring you only the best, and if there is anything you need that you want me to find also please contact me. I unfortunately cannot review everything. The products on this page will be the best from the world, We will try our best to only review products that can be shipped as well as downloadable.

I hope you enjoy our product reviews as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Clint (The Motivation Marketer)