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Money Motivation!

We all need a little money motivation getting started to earning an income online, this can be daunting, some of the information you receive seems it does not fit, we are going to help you on your journey using our own personal experience, and hopefully answer all your questions as well what you need to start earning online!

Earning Online! All you need is, patience, consistency and money motivation to start earning With online Marketing!

So you want to get started with online marketing, don't know where to begin, well we are going to try help with what you will need to start earning online.

Before we begin this is based on our personal journey and no not as a "guru" and also not to say that the methods are a must... however this information is based on hours of training and work and if you follow along you should be on your way to knowing what you will need to start earning online.

Firstly making money online is not a get rich quick scheme, despite what you might of heard about magical apps that send you traffic etc, this is not true, there are some software's that can definitely help you on your way but for the most part it is still a manual labour.

Most people know the basics but chose to ignore it chasing the shiny object or the need for quick money instead of applying the things that are right in front of them, always remember google and youtube or social media in general are your main friends in marketing and could be all you need to start earning online. Everything you need to know is at your fingertips and for free you just need to research as well as actioning what you learn, this can sometimes send you into a spiral and side track you and this is where people find it unbearable and either start purchasing systems that just don't work causing them to eventually give up.

From experience with doing the exact same thing, never give up always push and play this game for the long term not the quick money or get rich quick scheme of things, in other words do not get into this if you are not willing to work or not willing to play the long term game.

This is where patience, consistency and hence the name motivation come into play. You are not going to immediately make it online, only through your own dedication and wanting to succeed for the long term will you achieve your goals like anything in life. Trust and believe in yourself as well as content is king and you are destined to be great.

Most people do not struggle with that, however the problem is, how do they piece the puzzle together and that is why I created this site. I also struggled and still do however I have learnt valuable lessons on my journey that I want to share with you and help you get started.

One of the most important things is, things do not always work out like you want them, that does not mean give up on them, just try a different strategy and keep in mind the long term game, everything is almost like waiting for eggs to hatch and generally they do if you have patience. Next best lesson is always remember in this game there are no mistakes, why because you are always learning and as mentioned before the beauty is to try a different strategy, there is no right or wrong, this is where consistency plays its part.

last but not least, everything connects like life so try feed off of information, like said social media is your friend, but do not get misguided, some information is just not true, I will give you an example, youtube is full of "gurus" who say this and that, yes there is some value in what is said but never the puzzle or how to put the pieces together correctly. Youtube and which you should also consider using in your journey, is a source of income on its own. So they have to talk or make videos in order to create another stream of income, you should also go this route. I would suggest in adding real value to your channel, because essentially these could very well end up your clients and will want things that work, so keep this in mind.

In the getting started page we will begin with what tools you will require to begin. Please note that we will not show you how to build it out or write content for you, we will have a training course for that coming soon.
Please also note that by using any optin or contact form on this site, we might send you more helpful tools in the future that we think will help you.

Some of the products we recommend, we are an affiliate for and might get a small commission should you decide to use the product, however this is not based solely around products we are an affiliate for, in other words there will be processes or products where we will not make any commission from. This information is just the products we find are the best, that obviously does not apply to everyone.
On our blog page, there will also be content that we are affiliates for so the same will apply.
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See a basic Infographic on steps to follow to get started with online marketing!

More infographics will be on our getting started page with traffic strategy to drive traffic back to your website!

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Channels We recommend you search and watch!

Mick Meaney is one of the oldest in the business.  Why I like him is he doesn’t sell you BS.  He is very knowledgeable and helpful.

If you want some of the best free traffic sites and how to use them, this is the guy.  These traffic sources are not your obvious sites such as facebook xyz, he also shows you simple landing pages and websites etc.

Go and check it out very helpful.

You can learn a lot from Miles Beckler, another I feel genuine person, well he has at least never tried to sell me anything and if he did I would probably buy it.

Go through some of his videos they are very insightful, he crosses many different things pertaining to marketing, of course you do not have to take my advice or his.

Blake Nubar. You will learn about many things from Blake.  Patience and consistency tagged in with never giving up.

Search some of his videos, he also has a mind blowing product called the social lead machine, yes I bought this.

He has made some awesome funnels, maybe there are some ideas to get your content juices flowing.

Need I say more about Gary Vaynerchuk.

Influencial as well as direct.  Sometimes we just need to hear things how they are.  Look no further this will help.

Try watching some of his interviews with random people and it will change your perspective.

Definitely motivational and helpful with no BS.

Want to learn how to build an eye-catching wordpress website, then watch Tyler Moore.

You will see obvious similarities on this page as I used him, haha yes I did not follow all the way or this site could be a lot better, but again it is about using other people to get an idea for content, a little push if you will.

Again you can do as you please I am just trying to be helpful so you can get started asap.

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